About June’s Yoga

June's Yoga tailors workshops for nursery and primary school teachers and care assistants. Generally, a head will book a workshop for his or her staff of up to 15 teachers. A workshop lasts for 3 hours and is held at the teachers school/day-care-centre at a mutually convenient time which can be Monday-Saturday morning, afternoon or evening.

At a workshop, care assistants, classroom helpers, parents and teachers learn as they are led  through age-appropriate postures. Attention is given to sharing insights into the reactions that children might have to certain poses or movements.

Working from the traditional yoga sequences - warm-up exercises, breathing techniques, Asana (postures), partner Asanas and relaxation and calming exercises - June's Yoga takes the process one step further by adapting the language, props, songs and length of the session to the age of the children involved.

* Nursery and Primary School children respond to child friendly props like puppets and songs written for younger ears.

* Babies react to bite-size sessions of three to four minutes, one to one sessions that encourages eye contact and individual attention as well as circle or group work that uses props like the rainbow cloth or rolling cube.

* Older children enjoy the non-competitive nature of yoga that enables them to re-focus on their own needs. They respond to more sophisticated language and instructions.

The result is a magical combination that works wonders in the classroom.

All of the postures, techniques and songs are detailed in a Teacher's Manual and all of the props and materials are included in an age-appropriate starter kit.

To make a booking enquiry and for information on prices please click here.

For more information about June's Yoga for babies and older children please click here

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