June's Yoga is a training program for teachers to enable them to integrate yoga into the classroom. Click here to read how June's Yoga fulfils the criteria of Early Learning Goals and Educational  Programmes

A June's Yoga workshop includes everything that teachers and care-givers need to start practising yoga with their children. The workshop will enable a teacher or care-giver with no previous yoga experience to lead babies, nursery or primary school children in a yoga session the very next day. For more detailed information about the workshops please click here.

As you browse through the site, we hope that you will begin to appreciate how regular yoga sessions in the nursery and primary school classroom can improve focus, concentration and attitudes amongst children of all ages.

The ripple effect of yoga in schools is that, not only are the children calmer, more focussed and confident, but also staff feel less stressed and more centred in themselves and better able to cope with educational challenges. Frequently at the end of a workshop an attendee will ask where she/he can find a local yoga class to go to as they have enjoyed the benefits of the training session.

If, after going through the web site, you have more specific questions, then please don't hesitate to contact us  here

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